When was the school started?
In 2016. The main branch is in Kasavanahalli.
Which board are students prepared for?
The CBSE Board.
Up to which class do you have?
Montessori to grade 8.
What kind of teachers are there?
Experienced dedicated professionals who are supportive and bring out the best.
Is sports given importance?
Yes, sports is an integral part of the time table
What are the sports played?
Basketball, Football, Cricket, Table Tennis, Carrom, Chess etc
What is the strength of the school?
How many teachers are there?
More than 25.
Can children utilize the labs and library?
Labs are used regularly for practical work. Each child is guided to experiment.
The library has numerous books for all subjects. Children are encouraged to do extensive reading.
Is there transportation facility?
Yes, a number of buses with GPS facility cater to different areas