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Any educational institution’s reputation depends upon good academic performance, exhilarating extra-curricular activities, student support services etc. Another factor which is required for the effective progress of the institution is the alumni of that institution.

  • The alumni's role is crucial for the growth and development of an institution.
  • Alumni can serve as effective role models and inspirations to the group of students to enhance institutional credibility and visibility.

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Reviews of a Student

test Sonia Sheet

An excellent education centre for learning all subjects. This school has a holistic approach for learning. The pedagogy is wonderful. Children get exposure in all the fields of art, craft, music, dance, sports and more. The teachers are very dedicated and hardworking who thrives to give individual attention for each and every child who is in need. The Principal has a very strong motive which influences everyone. Overall, I had a great time in BRS.

Sonia Shet