The ABACUS learning programme provides significant benefits to children.

  • Abacus is the most effective method for young learners to do mental math.
  • Abacus learning not only helps with basic calculations like addition, subtraction, multiplication and division, but also in effective counting of decimal points, negative numbers etc.
  • It is a wonder tool training children to learn fundamentals
  • Students develop a sharp memory and ability to recall.
  • Ability to visualize helps them to perform well in other subjects too involving graphic representations.
Fundamentals Fundamentals
Mental Ability Mental Ability
Memory Memory


  • The core aim of education and learning should be to foster holistic development. Co-curricular activities help in the holistic development of students and assist in developing critical skills and abilities to be successful and happy.
  • When theoretical curriculum and co-curricular activities are integrated together, then the student's chance of learning more and exploring more about their strength and abilities becomes higher.
  • keeping in mind the overall development of our students, they are given regular practice in Karate, Music, Dance, Yoga, Art and craft and various literary activities by our trained instructors.
  • Students are also encouraged to participate in school's sports team, school debating team, student newsletter editorial team, dance, music etc. all these help students in emotional development, social skill development and overall personality development.
Subtraction Collaborative Abilities
Multiplication Creative Thinking
Addition Comunication Skills


  • BRS has come up with educational robotics in their curriculum to bring numerous benefits to students not only academically but also on a personal and emotional level.
  • One of the characteristics of robotics for kids is that it is always taught through gamification, that is, it is learnt through playing. 
  • Robotics makes it possible to assimilate mathematical, physical, mechanical or computer concepts in a fun way and consequently improve the acquisition of skills that are a part of the school curriculum.
Subtraction Better Accuracy
Multiplication Better Productivity
Addition Reduction Of Human Error
General Knowledge

General Knowledge

Education is about experiencing and understanding what goes around you from a unique perspective

  • BRS help children perceive learning in an engaging, fun and simple way. General knowledge plays a crucial role in defining one's growth and success.
  • World politics, sports, celebrities, personalities etc. are a few of the many general knowledge topics that we introduce to children to build a solid foundation.
Subtraction Current Affairs
Multiplication Trivia & Quizes
Addition Enhance Public Skills
Integrated Learning

Integrated Learning

Integrated learning is bringing together two or more concepts for a better understanding of a phenomenon and this also brings out better and multiple solutions to a particular problem.

  • The motive behind BRS introducing this art-integrated learning is to make the teaching and learning process more joyful, implement learning outcomes and enable all students to follow competency-based education. 
  • All this is done to make students 21st Century ready citizens, by empowering them with the competencies to understand, analyse, evaluate, interpret and innovate various real-life situations that they require to face in the world outside the classrooms or an environment beyond their schools and homes.
Subtraction Higher Level Thinking Skills
Multiplication Developing Self Awareness
Addition Gaining Leadership Skills