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BRS Global School is a co-educational institution and is affiliated with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) which envisions a vibrant and holistic education that will foster excellence in every walk of life. We are committed to providing quality education to promote intellectual, social and cultural vivacity among our learners to make them future-ready individuals who can positively influence the world to reflect its larger purpose in life.

We at BRS Global are continually working to improve your child's future. We constantly focus on your child's holistic development, which includes all elements such as physical, mental, and emotional well-being. We have the greatest tutors who are constantly on hand to monitor your child's every move and guide them properly, transforming them into the best prodigy for the future world. The major goal of our institution is to encourage them to ensure an effective and pleasant profession on which they could rely for the rest of their lives.

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Learning at BRS

Pre School

At BRS, our Montessori environment offers a seamless educational experience for your child. Our Montessori trained adults share a common vision, guided by Dr. Montessori's principles. As your children progress through each level.

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Our objective, ultimately is to build a sturdy foundation on which every child can stand firmly and navigate towards excellence with conviction. A lot of care is taken to ensure that joys of childhood are protected and preserved.

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As a child comes to class V, there is a remarkable change in intellectual capacity and behavioural patterns. So, at the middle school level, we offer a blend of academic and experimental learning.

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CBSE envisions the all-round development of students in consonance with the holistic approach to education. Secondary curriculum provides students a broad and balanced understanding of subjects.

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Senior Secondary

Our higher Education program brings in subject matter experts as educators, facilitators & mentors who pool in their acquired knowledge & experiences and ensure that students are well prepared for the academic challenges.

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Principal's Message


Todays Education system face a great challenge in terms of imparting the right knowledge and apt experience that blends to create young and successful students for a healthy society.

Mrs. Manjula B V

How to Enroll Your Child in a Class ?

Life at BRS


BRS provides multiple transportation options for students living in and around Anekel Taluk area.


Each student of the school will be assigned a house.

Student Leadership Body

BRS Global School aims to instil leadership quality in all students. The students are encouraged to follow all rules and regulations of the school.

Code of Conduct

Students must maintain punctuality and self-discipline. Students must be dressed in neat and tidy uniform.


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