Physics Lab

  • A Physics Lab is a place where a student can help in establishing theory by understanding theoretical concepts.
  • The real understanding of Physics cannot be acquired without lab experience.
  • Students at BRS are guided by experienced teachers.
  • They are encouraged to work independently.
  • The necessary equipment in the lab further aids the study of Physics Lab.

Chemistry Lab

  • The Chemistry Lab teaches how to make careful experimentation and draw conclusions.
  • During hands-on Chemistry activities students clarify and safely investigate under supervision of experienced professionals.
  • The school combines classroom teaching with experiments in well-equipped labs.
  • The way for study in depth and research is proved while making observation and calculating inference.

Biology Lab

  • The Biology Lab has a modern research infrastructure.
  • It provides in-depth practical training by experienced staff.
  • It has a broad range of biological materials.
  • The lab provides the students with opportunity to develop an understanding of our living world.

Computer Lab

  • BRS encourages the students to possess the skills needed to utilize computer technology which helps them to build their self-esteem and encourages them to continue learning and bettering themselves.
  • The numerous tools available for use on computers such as word processors, spreadsheets, graphic creation etc. will not only help students in the future careers they pursue, but will also help them to be organised.