Sports form a Major Part of Activities at BRS

  • Sports and games keep a person fit and fine.
  • The immunity of the body increases by playing outdoor sports.
  • Playing sports teaches tea work and self-disciplined. Sports combine physical exercise with entertainment.

Sports Area

  • Indoor games: We have the amenities for indoor physical activities like table tennis, chess, Badminton and board games (carrom).
  • Outdoor games: We have great out-door courts for Volleyball, Basketball, Football and Throwball. Students are also encouraged to play Kabbadi, Kho Kho and cricket.

Yoga Classes

BRS conducts Yoga classes. Yoga has numerous physical and mental health benefits.

  • Yoga increases flexibility and balance.
  • It reduces stress and improves well-being.
  • Yoga can help to lose weight.
  • The experienced yoga instructor at BRS teaches many yoga poses which help body posture.


  • Self-defense is very important to live in today's society. Henceforth we have classes of the Korean martial art form viz is taekwondo.
  • Students are trained under a well-learned trainer as per their schedules.
  • This not only acts as a self-defense tool for the students but also is a good physical activity.