"Evaluation at this level is on a day to day basis by way of worksheets and communication skills. The overall performance of the child is a sum total of all the mathematical, linguistic, practical life and sensorial skills."


Class I to V - Continuous Class Assessments, two periodic assessments (Each Term), 1 midterm (Half-yearly) assessment and one annual assessment is conducted during the academic year

Continuous Class Assessments and periodic assessments are based on small portions covered during the course of the month to give a comprehensive picture of the child's grasping and retention skills.

Term assessments are conducted twice a year where the student's life skills are also assessed. It includes subject enrichment activities like assessment of speaking skills, listening skills, lab activities and projects. Along with one written assessment and subject enrichment activities, classwork and homework are also assessed for each child. Average of all these activities is taken and graded

Core subjects offered are English, Mathematics, Environmental Studies, Hindi and Kannada

We emphasize upon Co-scholastic activities like Robotics, Abacus, Art and Craft, Physical Education, Dance, Music, and Yoga.


From Class VI the school follows the CBSE system of evaluation.

At the end of ten years the children appear for All India Secondary School Examination with the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE).

The School is a part of Sahodaya School Complex and following the instructions and assessment schedule sheets prepared by them for Class IX and X.

Core Subjects Offered are

  • Mathematics, Science, Social Science
  • I Language - English Language & Literature
  • II Language - Hindi, Kannada or Sanskrit
  • III Language prescribed by CBSE - Hindi, Kannada or Sanskrit

Senior Secondary

The Senior Secondary section comprises of Grades XI & XII. The All India Senior Secondary Examination of the Central Board of Secondary Education, New Delhi has been generally recognized as a qualifying examination for admission to Indian as well as Foreign Universities. The School is a part of Sahodaya School's Complex and following the instructions and assessment schedule sheets prepared by them for Class XI and XII. BRS Global follows integrated curriculum for grade XI and XII which