“Education is a natural process carried out by the child and is not acquired by listening to words but by experiences in the environment“ - Dr. Maria Montessori

Welcome to BRS Global, one of the Best Preschools in Sarjapur Road, where, our Montessori environment offers a seamless educational experience for your child. Our Montessori-trained teachers share a common vision, guided by Dr. Montessori's principles. As your children progress through each level, the curriculum builds upon their experiences in the previous program, offering an uninterrupted continuum of education.

Toddler Program - 1.10 years to 2.6 years

The Toddler Program for children starts when they are between 22 months to 30 months of age, that takes advantage of the toddler's natural drive to act independently. Dedicated, nurturing teachers implement a developmentally-appropriate toddler-designed curriculum to foster independence, cognitive and language development, speech and strengthen fine motor and gross motor skills.

A Mixed Age Group Community - 2.6 years to 5 years

In reality, a community is not made up of people of one age group; we live in a community with a wide range of ages, experiences and abilities. The Montessori classroom is a realistic representation of the world outside. As children interact on a daily basis with others whose ages and abilities are varied, they learn at their own pace. They learn to help and also to ask for help. When older children help younger ones, the older ones actually share their own understanding and mastery of concepts. The younger ones learn naturally from the older ones. Watching children help each other is always a joyous experience in the Montessori environment.

Exercises/Activities of Practical Life - Life skills

'I can do it myself!'

At BRS Global Preschool located in Kasavanahalli, Sarjapur Road helps children to learn "life skills realisation, confidence and self-esteem and being able to manage and do things independently, make choices, and develop the ability to gauge and assess, all to the clarity of perception and understanding."

Our World is a Sensorial World

"To teach a child whose senses have been developed is quite a different thing from teaching one who has not had this help." - Maria Montessori

The Sensorial materials in the environment develop the senses by isolating a defining quality such as colour, weight, size, shape, texture, sound or smell. Each sensorial discovery or experience is internalised and remains with the child throughout his/her life.

The World of Numbers

"Numbers are the clue to the nature of the universe and the mystery of beauty"

We can't do without numbers! We need them to unravel the mysteries of the natural world, to manage our daily lives; to be precise, or to estimate and approximate.

In a Montessori environment, arithmetic is introduced with the help of specially designed kits tailor-fitted for the purpose. The child gradually moves from the study of concrete mathematical concepts to abstract ones. These activities give children a sound understanding of basic mathematical principles such as addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division which prepares them for advanced abstract reasoning and helps to develop problem-solving capabilities.

Maria Montessori's use of the term, 'The Mathematical Mind', refers to the unique tendencies of the human mind, such as order, exactness, exploration, and orientation. She said:

"In our work, therefore, we have given a name to this part of the mind which is built up by exactitude, we call it the 'mathematical mind'."


"Understanding, using and enjoying language is the critical first step in communication"

According to Montessori, the evolution of language begins with the infant's innate capacity to absorb fragments of speech that form the basis for further language development. Children first discover that sounds have meaning and then isolate parts of speech. Their acquisition of skills occurs naturally. We must provide opportunities for the development of written language and reading

Experiences gained from the Practical Life and Sensorial activities serve as a preparation for reading and writing. Children are given a phonetic basis for reading. They hear the sound, see the shape and by tracing develop the muscular memory needed for writing. They are then ready to pursue an interest in words while cultivating writing skills at an individual pace.

We do activities such as storytelling, general conversation, and many other exercises, which enable the growth of a child's vocabulary. Eventually, these preparatory activities culminate in the inception of writing in children beginning to write. Montessori refers to 'explosions' in writing and reading and when they occur, they bring tremendous joy to both the learner and the facilitator.


Physical geography looks at the outward appearance of the environment. Cultural geography looks at what Maria Montessori called humankind's ability to "continue the work of creation." Montessori cultural activities typically include geography, history, general science, botany and zoology, music, and art.

Extended Session

Extended session is a part of the last year of the pre-primary to prepare the children for continued learning beyond pre-primary.

Before children graduate to Grade-1 they are guided in a manner such that their transition into formal schooling format - becomes easy and butter - smooth.

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Children at this Stage:

  • identify self by specific abilities, characteristics and preferences (e.g., by gender, age, as part of a family, friends, colours, food etc.)
  • develop a sense of balance and physical coordination through play.learn language through activities like role play, storytelling, poetry recitation, singing and reading age appropriate and level based books.
  • understand to analyse their actions as right or wrong.
  • learn to be friends with children from diverse backgrounds, celebrate various festivals, sing and dance together.
  • learn to live in harmony with their environment, make observations, enquire and ask questions –what, how & why.
  • relate a numeral to its respective quantity, associate value to a number and Identify shapes by names: curved and straight lines, circle, square, triangle and understand spatial relationships.
  • learn to manage their feelings and emotions and learn appropriate behaviour.
  • demonstrate the ability to begin to assume responsibility for their own safety within their environment.
  • learn values, life skills, build relationships and grow up as confident and responsible citizens.

Why Choose Our Preschool?

We offer a secure and supportive atmosphere at our preschool located in Kasavanahalli, Sarjapur Road that encourages and develops independence, creativity, and social skills. We put a lot of effort into creating a curriculum that is tailored to each child's needs since we know how important the first few years of a child's life are to their growth and future success.

Our experienced teachers are committed to ensure that your kid receives a high-quality education and are passionate about early childhood education. Because of our low teacher-to-student ratio, your child will get individualized care and assistance. Our teachers employ a variety of instructional techniques to support the growth of your child's cognitive, social, emotional, and physical abilities.

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